Men’s 1st XI match report 3.10

After two close games last season, Worthing welcomed Kings and Alleyns to a less than sunny south coast.

Both teams started well but Worthing seemed to have the upper hand with much of the early game being spent in Kings’ half.

Luc Hinton kicked off the chances with a dynamic run down the right wing weaving in and out of the defence before his final attempt going wide. Sam Conry also had a chance at the back post. Even with all this pressure it was Kings’ that struck first with a back hand shot from a wide angle through the Worthing keepers legs.

Worthing responded well with Rupert Ireland continuing his scorer prowse with a tap in from close to the baseline levelling the score going into halftime.

Second half saw another closely fought contest. It was late in the game when Kings’ broke into the Worthing D and scored another wide angled shot. The boys in gold kept pushing with several counter attacks but Kings’ kept them out.

When time was running short ex-player manager Ellis Woolley stepped up to the plate and scored a world class drag flick beating the Kings’ number 1 who had been spectacular in the game. After a slight confusion with decisions at the end of the game it finished 2-2.

Worthing currently sit 2nd in the table behind Marden Russets with a trip to Holcombe next week.

  • Steven Lockwood