Mens Hockey

All our teams participate in league hockey and, while we aim to put out competitive sides, who others want to beat, we never forget that hockey is a social game and an excellent way of forging lifelong friendships, especially if you are new to the area. We welcome back anyone who has stopped playing hockey and wishes to return to this great sport.

Our men’s teams include over 100 playing members who love the game and the social enjoyment that comes from being part of a club. We believe in trying to develop the potential in every player through well organised coaching, training and matches.

There is a real focus on finding and nurturing young talent, and players move up and down the sides through the season according to merit and attitude. The breadth of our teams means we can accommodate all ages, skill and fitness levels in our club.

Mens 1s

This is a team for our most talented and committed players. The team plays to a high standard in a regional league against teams across the south-east of England. High levels of skills, fitness and teamwork are essential. Our first team gets high quality coaching and sponsored kit. We try to manage a squad of up to 18 players and combine competitive performance with an excellent team spirit – on and off the pitch.

Follow the teams results in South East Mens Division 1 West here : South East Men’s Division 1 West | South East Hockey (

Mens 2s

This team is where our first team of the future get their experience. It is a balance of younger and more experienced players. The team plays at the top level in the local Sussex league. Players can move between the first and second teams due to availability and/or injury, and is a great way for players to progress to the top.

Mens 3s

This team plays to a similar standard as the second team but the squad is generally older and not operated as a feeder for the first team. Players in this team have usually played at a higher standard but keep themselves fit enough in their 30s and 40s to compete at a high level.

Mens 4s

This team plays at a competitive level in Sussex and has a large squad. This allows for all ages to mix and for the team to welcome players who have outside commitments that effect availability. It’s a place where we introduce promising juniors to men’s hockey.

Mens 5s

This team comprises mostly senior players. Playing at a competitive league level, this team enjoys the social side of hockey to the full. It has room for occasional players as well as regulars, and plays with the same competitive spirit as our other teams.

Mens 6s

A team that provides an opportunity for everyone that has an appetite for the game, whatever the skill, age and experience. Getting some exercise and fun out of every hockey match is the objective here. This team plays league hockey at a lower level in Sussex but approaches every match in the same way as other sides – to win.

Veterans Hockey

Worthing Veterans teams are both a competitive section of the club and a social and fun loving section. We believe that you are never too old to play. We have two veterans teams: (over 40s) and (over 50s). The average age of both teams is over 50, but they remain competitive in their respective competitions, and the club enters both teams into their respective National cup competitions.

We are proud to say that Worthing has veteran representatives in the England, Scotland and Wales Masters teams in their respective age groups.

There’s a team for everyone – including you

If you want to play for Worthing then we are sure there is a team that meets your desire for competition and enjoyment. Get in touch or just come along to one of our training nights. You will be very welcome.

Club dates

Men’s 1, 2, 3Wednesday19:00 – 21:00The Angmering School
Men’s 4, 5, 6Wednesday19:00 – 21:00The Angmering School

Worthing Hockey Club kit shop

The Worthing Hockey Club kit shop now includes all of the essential home and away game apparel plus lots of great before and after-match attire.

You can also get your club number added to your new shirt. If you need a club number allocated to you please email :